Should all students learn First Nations languages? Hear CBC's Jim Brown interview Roberta Edzerza, Prince Rupert's district's Aboriginal Education Principal. 

Canadian Cities Rooted in Traditional Indigenous Territories Learn more about some of the great Indigenous languages used to identify different parts of Canada.  Did you know ... Canada is derived from the Iroquois word "Kanata" meaning "village"  Lots more to learn from this cool read.  

What is Orange shirt day?  Orange shirt day is a movement that officially began in 2013 but in reality it began in 1973 when six year old Phyllis Webstad entered the St. Joseph Mission Residential School, outside of Williams Lake, BC.  Learn more about the movement  and ideas about how you can support the movement by visiting

3 Tips For Learning Your Traditional Tongue found on CBC's Radio One "Unreserved" podcast with host Rosanna Deerchild. 

An inspiring read of one young Indigenous woman's campaign to support Indigenous language revitalization in Canada's North. Click here ...  Speak Gwich'in to Me