Map Links - I hope the below map links will benefit your practice as much as they have mine.   

  • CBC's 8th Fire series has a wealth of resources.  Including some of the best maps I have found on the internet          Estimated Tribal Distributions At Time of Contact click on "History Map 2" to check out what Canada looked like before it was formed.  
  • BC First Nations Map This map is always a great source to have a look at the different First Nations groups in British Columbia
  • First Nation Profiles Interactive Map is a good map to help get a sense of the First Nations communities in Canada.  Consider checking and unchecking the boxes to explore the Nation identified and the communities within those Nations.  NOTE:  Not all Nations seem to be identified.  I noticed that my Tsimshian Nation was not identified, but our Kitsumkalum community was. 
  • First Nations and Inuit Map found at Strong Nations is a great map.  Make sure you explore all the other great Indigenous resources when you visit their online or brick and mortar store.  
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