• Indigenous Greeting Leather Cuff


    "Ama sah" means "Good Day in Sm'algyax.  An Indigenous exchange from Northern British Columbia's Tsimshian that also serves as a blessing.  A double dose of goodness.  "Uy'skweyul" means "Good Day" in Hul'q'umi'num' which is prominently used on Vancouver Island.  "Dahooja" means "What is happening" in Carrier which is prominently used in the Caribou.  

    These hip leather cuffs support efforts of strengthening Indigenous language revitalization through continued use in communities. You can support Indigenous language revitalization by sporting one of these cool cuffs and adopting the Indigenous exchange when out and about within the communities of their origins.  

    A great way to be a part of exciting change!  

    Ama sah!  Good Day!