Sharing Circle Kit


A simple and effective way to include Indigenous Teachings and 

BC Curriculum Core Competencies into your practice

This sharing circle kit is modelled from the Indigenous talking circle practice.  Talking circles traditionally gave leaders a venue to be heard equally and without interruption.  This sharing circle kit provides instructions for a sharing cirlce practice that may be incorporated into classroom or office settings. The kit is complete with guided instructions and tools to successfully practice a respectful environment for story telling and group talk.  

Benefits of incorporating the Sharing Circle into group activities

  • creates an environment where Core Competencies of communication, thinking and personal and social may be practiced successfully by ...
    • creating a safe environment for sharing information or teachings
    • support public speaking practice in a non-threatening atmosphere
    • build a sense of equality and belonging
    • encourage respectful dialogue
A donation will be made to support local Child and Youth Mental Health programs from the sale of each kit.

NOTE:  Group Demonstrations Facilitated by Arlene Deptuck available.  

            Please email for booking and rate details.